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10 Weeks to Perseverance

Within us, all of us, is the ability to shift the lens through which we interpret and experience our world. Regardless of individual circumstances, it is possible to strive for peace and serenity. We must come to terms with our circumstances and accept that the unexplainable and unfathomable battles we face are a constant test of our faith. In order to truly confront what we cannot control, we must also trust. Trust that the quality of the life we experience and our ongoing legacy is far more powerful than our pain. — Alexa Cucchiara, Power to Persevere

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In honor of my first book publication, Power to Persevere, I am creating a 10-week blog series filled with short excerpts from my work. Each week I will be revealing one of my top ten favorite ways I have and continue to persevere. The reason why I wrote Power to Persevere was to create a book I wish I had to read when I was going through my most challenging moment: beating cancer. This helped me discover tools we can use during dire circumstances to help us get out of a rut. We are all faced with a challenge, but it is the way that we face these confrontations that dictate the way we proceed to live.

These next ten weeks are going to be my little guide to help you conquer your battle and overcome any challenging moment that is presented to you. They helped me and I know they will help you too.

Stay tuned.

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I am the author of Power to Persevere and wellness blogger from New York City. I use my passion for health and wellness to help inspire others to transform themselves to live their best lives.

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