Ever since quarantine, I have made so many new goals. Because of the complexity of my schedule and the inability to go to a store, I started to create my own homemade calendar on paper. The best way I have been able to stay on top of them is by staying organized and creating a list that I cross off what I have achieved.

Here are some of the things I have been writing down:

  • My classes
  • My assignments due and exam dates
  • Networking meetings
  • Business meetings
  • Podcast recordings / YouTube filming
  • Follow-up calls
  • GOALS:
    • Planned targeted muscle group workouts
    • Food + meals
    • My weekly intention

I divided one sheet of paper into six sections, one of each day of the week, and the last slot for my weekend. It is SO EASY and has been helping me stay on track with so many of my projects. Scroll down to print out one of your own and let me know how you have been planning!


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