5 Books to Kickstart Mindset Shift

“You are a product of the five people you surround yourself with,” they say. Well, how about the books you read? What you consume, you emulate. If you digest hope-filled and positive text, you will feel more uplifted. When your spirits are high, you can project light within your life and onto others.

One of the things I have found helpful is starting and ending my day with something that will set up my day for success. Reading scripture is my go-to. In the mornings I reflect on Jesus Calling, and during the evenings I meditate on A Course of Miracles. I recently started to incorporate The Daily Stoic into my morning routine as well.

There have been so many books that I have read that have helped me reframe my mindset and change my perspective. Of course my top pick is Power to Persevere, but there are many more. I started to dive deep into mindset when I was 19 years of age. Here are the top five books I have found to be most helpful in my personal development so far:

The Power of Now

The Secret

The Placebo Effect

The Mindful Women

The Four Agreements

Hey, maybe you have heard of one, two, or all five of these books. Or maybe you have purchased one and have not started it. This is the time to start!

I would love to hear about which books have helped you.

I just finished Almost Everything: Notes on Hope and am almost done with The Path is the Goal. Next on my list is Can’t Hurt Me and You Can Fix Your Brain.


I am the author of Power to Persevere, cancer survivor, business student, and healthy foodie. I use my passion for health and wellness to helps inspire others to transform themselves to live their best lives.

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