Purified Water Trial!

Ciao amici! I wanted to share with you this new brand who reached out to me to try their purification system. They are called ZeroWater, and launched their own 5-stage filtration system.

Honestly, ever since my cancer journey, I have been very particular about what I fuel my body with. I immediately purchased a Berkey water system (which is out of this world), and always opt to water that has a been filtered because there is so much gunk in our water today.

Purified water systems:

  • Remover chlorine which can cause more acid and dry you out.
  • Removes lead which is toxic to the organs.
  • Filter out harmful chemicals from old pipes and microorganisms (#5 )
  • Save money from bottle water – which is also not healthy because of the chemicals in the cheaper plastic (does anyone else actually taste the plastic?) Also, on this note, this is why I do usually use my Berkey becasue the water is stored in Stainless Steel. The best option is honestly getting a reverse osmosis system.

In specific, the ZeroWater® has 5 instead of the standard 2-stage filtration. I gave it a try and it did work different from a Brita (one that I used to use in college). The water in the Brita immediately poured through the filter as if there was not even one there. This one took some time to filter through, but was not as slow as my Berkey.

Also, on their website, ZeroWater claims that they are “System Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for reduction of chlorine taste and odor and against NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for reduction of lead, chromium (Hexavalent) and mercury.” Big thumbs up!

In my opinion, ZeroWater was easy to assemble. You literally just screw on the filter to a plastic piece, and then secure the lid. I like this one for students dorming versus the Brita.

ZeroWater and Brita are also roughly around the same price.

*ZeroWater: $32 for the dispenser + 1 filter and $30 for 2 filters

*Brita: $45 for the dispenser + 1 filter and $17 for 1 filter.

*Berkey: $278 for the dispenser + 2 filters and $120 for the filter.

* These are all different ounce measurements.

I would love to hear what you use as a water purification/ filteration system!

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