Hello everyone!

I wanted to thank you for joining me in my journey and believing in my mission. In 2017, my whole life turned around. I was faced with a sudden cancer diagnosis at the age of 19, and just a few days after I turned 20, I started chemotherapy. I often believed cancer was sure to be the end of me when it was my daily battle. However, my faith gave me strength, helping me persevere. Through my trauma, I have learned how to become grounded, love my body like never before, find beauty in the world, and most importantly, find purpose.

If I could beat death, then nothing can stop me.

It took a lot of self-work and reflection to find myself where I am today on my life journey. There was no one to guide me. I had to figure it all out on my own. Although this was a challenging time, my life changed for the best. I made my goal to spread the lessons I experienced to a wider audience and help others find their “why,” leading me to write and publish Power to Persevere.

I have fully transformed my life and reinvented myself.

It was not until I faced cancer that I started to take my health more seriously. My gift of survival changed the way I view life. I knew that everything was happening for me. Like any challenge, it was an opportunity for me to learn and grow. I was able to hone in and understand the meaning of the life I was supposed to lead.

During and after treatment, I made it a point to get in daily movement, eat nourishing foods, and practice mindfulness. Although it was difficult at times, I kept reminding myself of the essence of persistency and patience. Overall, I was able to experience the healing power of mindset, exercise, nutrition, and meditation like never before. My entire life has changed in a positive way.

Today, I use my story to transform lives.

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Alexa Cucchiara