Power to Persevere is a collection of inspiring stories from ordinary people who dug their way out of personal struggles to achieve and exceed their dreams. These stories are intermingled with author Alexa Cucchiara’s personal stories about her battle with cancer, as well as expert interviews and research studies. Cucchiara’s goal is to show people that they aren’t alone when it comes to facing hard times; there are resources available and things they can do to take their power back. 

Power to Persevere is Alexa’s way of offering the world an inspirational guide that she wished she had had during her treatment — a light at the end of seemingly endless tunnels. If you’re going through a challenging time; if you are someone trying to help someone through a difficult stretch, Power to Persevere is exactly what you need. There is a glimmer of hope and inspiration. No one needs to be defined by their struggles.