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Movement has been part of my daily routine for as long as I could remember. However, if you all have been keeping up with me on my Instagram, you might see that I have been resorting to lighter, low-impact workouts. Long walks, Pilates and yoga for me! I am never too sore where I feel like I cannot move, feel energized enough to take on the day, and have been seeing long, lean muscles transforming before my eyes.

Because many of you have been reaching out to me regarding which fitness instructors have been incorporated in my routine, I wanted to make a little post. Here my top three instructors and my favorite workouts from each program I have been following during quarantine:

  1. Casey Ho with Blogilates
    • I have been following Casey since I was in high school! Can you believe that? She has such high energy, executes with enthusiasm, and creates workout plans each month and uploads them on her website. If you can find the March 2020 one, I would highly suggest following it! Each day of the week targets a different part of the body.
    • Her 20 Minute Lean Arms Cardio Pilates Workout is a KILLER!
  2. Bailey Brown with BBfit
    • I discovered Bailey around two years ago when she just started YouTubing. I was attracted to the ambiance of her location on the coast of Australia. Her workouts on YouTube are short, but seriously effective. She has longer classes with equipment on her online studio.
    • I LOVE GET ABS LIKE EMILY RATAJKOWSKI for a good ab burn, and 5 MINUTE BOOTY TONING WORKOUT with ankle weights for a quick booty burn.  
  3. Shannon Nadj with Hot Pilates
    • I came across Shannon’s account on Instagram during quarantine. She has live workouts on Hot Pilates studio everyday, and ocassionally uploads them on IGTV. If you place your focus on and reallllly tighten the targeted muscle she works with, you will feel it the next day. She combines Pilates strength training, stretching, and cardio.
    • This class has been my favorite so far.

Remember, working out should never be about punishing your body. Remind yourself that excersise can fall under any catagory of movement. If it makes you feel good, then do it! Results do not happen over night, but with the right mindset, a dedicated routine can help you #persevere in the long run.