If you have been keeping up with my posts, you might have seen that I went to Tokyo for 10 days during my winter recess for my global immersion marketing class. 

My peers, professor, and I met every other week during our night class last semester (Fall 2019) and watched films (both fiction to nonfiction) to help direct our attention toward branding, sensory marketing, design , photography, architecture, and urban planning within the Japanese culture. At the end of the course, we took an 18 hour flight across the world from New York to Narita and an hour train ride and to our ryokan in Taito City. We finally ended our case study with a 32-hour stay in Kyoto. Our primary objective was to experience the Japanese culture and capture as many photos as possible from five categories: color, architecture, area, sign, and object.

438 pages and over 4500 images later, I am pleased to announce that we have completed a book of our data and research: Case Study Tokyo 2020 by the Gabelli School of Business.

You can view it here: