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Health is wealth and food is the foundation of it all.I discovered the power of food at a very young age. As a child, I would help my Nonno choose fresh produce from his garden and cook it with my Nonna and Mama in the kitchen. They taught me how the quality of the food and love you put into your meals are what mater the most. I resorted to this mentality as I was healing from chemotherapy and have personally felt the effects of food nourishing, fueling, and healing me. Now, I develop quick and easy healthy meals, snacks, and treats.

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Movement is key.I have been very athletic my whole life. As a child, I was a dancer and soccer player. During high school, I ran track and played golf. I started to explore HIIT and Pilates in college, and after chemotherapy I discovered a love for yoga and interval inclined walks.

Overall, I have found the best results in balance. I move as my body asks. On days I want more rigor, I will do an intense exercise (weight training and cardio). When I want something more calming, I will engage in a slow burn flow. No matter my mood, I am always moving and serving my body. I learned that he best thing you can do for your body is to just MOVE.

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Your thoughts create your reality.I share some of my tools and tips on how to change your mindset and reframe your thoughts. Watch weekly videos on my YouTube channel and in my book.

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