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Art as a Healer

Do you find that you tend to turn toward activities that you enjoyed as a child? Instead of dancing in a ballet, maybe you attend a performance in a theater, and instead of playing on a tennis team, maybe you take your rackets out on the weekend and play a casual match with friends, or perhaps you take your passion to a new level and pursue it as a career. Either way, these interests and likes trigger internal fireworks. This light helps us persevere.

During treatment, I asked one of my infusion nurses if she could suggest something to me to help me mentally cope with everything I was experiencing. Although I am grateful for the life lessons cancer has taught me, I am also human. I have my moments like everyone, and feeling my body deteriorate was very hard for me to undergo, both physically and mentally.

I knew I needed to find a coping mechanism to release my emotions. It was suggested by my healthcare practitioners that I tap into my childhood hobbies and embrace them. I was always drawn to using creative outlets to center myself from a young age, so I pursued art as my coping mechanism.

Here is a photo next to my art!

I was able to forget about the world around me and home into my true nature through art. I was engaging in an activity that made me feel at home with myself. I was born an artist and finally was able to use art as a way to express what I was unable to articulate in words. I continued to paint every week. One thing lead to another, and something extraordinary occurred.

People started to recognize my passion and order paintings to collect in their homes. Now, I am a commissioned painter. How crazy is that?

Aside from my endeavor, I believe that everyone is an artist at heart. Pablo Picasso once said, “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life,” and I truly believe so. The world is full of creativity. From the architectural details in our homes, to the colors in our wardrobe and the shapes of the magnets on our refrigerator doors, we are constantly surrounded by artistic imagination. It fuels us, defines us, and is in particular meant to heal. It has been proven to help people formulate their emotions to create change.

So, try it out. Engage in creative activity and see what it can bring you.

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