Although many of us can be tempted to binge on a bag of chips (guilty!) or eat an entire package of cookies in one seating during the coronavirus quarantine, we can actually serve our bodies with healthy non-perishables. It can be tricky (trust me I struggled with finding healthy options), but it is possible. Out of sight of of mind! You eat what is in front of you, so if you fill your pantry will healthy alternatives, you will be able to fuel your body without stressing out about going off track your diet.

I walk through the options I have chosen on my YouTube channel. I opted for foods that are full of fiber and high in protein. You can view more on my Amazon Associates page.

Here is a list of what I stocked up on:

In addition to these non-perishables, I have been eating fresh carrots, frozen broccoli, frozen berries, and sweet potato. I have been able to stay full and fueled 10 days into the quarantine so far. My meals consist of smoothies, soups, and beet burgers (recipe coming soon). I usually do not eat tomato and beans because I find that they inflame me. However, I have been indulging. I know that this is only temporary, and these healthy options will help me get by for the time-being.

I would love to hear how you are staying healthy during this time.

Remember, stay safe and strong!