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How to Create a Positive Perspective

Changing the way you look at the obstacles and challenges you are faced with can play a key role in the way you live your everyday life. It will allow you to turn dark into light and sorrow into peace. It first comes down to perspective which is the attitude you adopt for a given circumstance. — Alexa Cucchiara, Power to Persevere

If you read my last post, you have learned that the first way to persevere is through acceptance. Once you accept, you have come to terms with reality. When you come to terms with reality, you can transform the way you perceive your circumstance. You now have the ability to positively shift your mindset.

In Chapter 3 of Power to Persevere, I discuss the importance of changing perspective. For any unfavorable thing that happened to me when I was going through chemotherapy, I trained myself to turn the negative experience into something positive. For example, one treatment the nurses could not access my port catheter although we spent hours preparing for infusion. I found out I had a blood clot and had to travel to a different location to get an injection to reverse it and then travel all the way back to my infusion center the next day. I was upset, but then used this as an opportunity to enjoy the rest of my day and spend my night eating one of my favorite meals, something that I would have not been able to do caused by excessive nausea I would have experienced after chemotherapy. I practiced these small shifts in perspective and now I can say that I automatically trained myself to take a negative experience to be positive.

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Larissa May, founder of #HalfTheStory, shared her story with me on how she did this as well. She used her experience with depression to create a community on social media.This then turned into a platform that connected thousands across the world. Today, @halfthestory has over twenty-five thousand followers and has been represented in over eighty countries. They are continuing their mission to allow others to look at both sides of someone’s story to ignite perspective and compassion. Instead of using social media as a way to celebrate success, the platform has been inspiring others to reveal their realities.

“Believe in yourself and do it. So, just have faith. I launch my rockets and hope they land somewhere among the stars.” — Larissa May.

Some ways you can shift your perspective is by making a pros and cons list. Grab a piece of paper and divide the sheet into two columns. On the left, write the pros, and the right, the cons. This will help you visually see the best- and worst-case scenarios and that the latter may be a list of silly excuses or simply unlikely possibilities.

Let me know what you put on our list.

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