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“You have to lift your head up out of the mud and just do it.


It is evident that when we experience a troubling emotion or are faced with an upsetting crisis, we feel like there is no possible way to get ourselves out of it. Maybe we think it is unattainable to reclaim our physical health after falling off-track from our mundane routine. Or we may think it is beyond possible to get hired again after being unemployed or losing a job. And for more serious circumstances, maybe we think walking after breaking our leg or recovering from a serious operation is impossible.

This is all imposter syndrome. We are just being too hard on ourselves. How could we know what we can actually achieve if we do not at least try?

For instance, before embarking on my book writing journey, I did not think that it was possible. I had never heard of anyone my age revealing both this much personal information and wisdom to the world in the form of literature. I thought I had to have had many more years of life experience to be where I am today like Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey.

Whenever I had these thoughts, I reminded myself that everyone’s journey is different and age does not justify experience. There are people my age who have gone through worse ordeals that I cannot relate to. And on the contrary, there are also those who have not been through any trauma at all.

One of the people who helped me realize this was Jay Shetty, a viral content creator and award-winning storyteller. I talk about him more in Power to Persevere.


It is important to go into things with an open mind because chances are you can meet someone who will model it for you. It can be frustrating to jump into something new, but you truly never know who you will meet and what path they will take you on next, which, interestingly enough, links back to two chapters ago.

Something similar happened to Jack Wallace, a US gold medalist Paralympian from New Jersey. At the age of ten, Jack was in a water-skiing accident during the summertime on Lake George after he was pulled underneath a boat by its propeller.

“I was shocked, in pain, and was fading in and out of consciousness. I thought to myself, ‘I am dying,’” he said.”

You can read the rest in Chapter 6 here.

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